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Service is Malcolm's middle name.  Malcolm is both approachable and knowledgable about scooters and after 22 years in Scooters he choses only the most reliable and highest quality European brands available for the New Zealand consumer.  



Scooter Imports quality European scooters are  well priced from only $1995 to $3495  The affordability doesn't stop there as Scooters are cheap to run and you save money with no parking fees anywhere in Auckland or New Zealand.





Sachs, Giant Co, Over, Benelli - all names synonymous with quality you can trust.  Think Sachs for German detail and engineering to the minutest element.  Italian style and finesse by Over and Bellini - one of the oldest Italian motorcycle manufacturers. Giant Co is Hong Kong based utilizing rigorous R&D methods, together with their ingenuity and adaptability.   



All Scooters come with a 12 month Warranty.



Rest assured that when you drive off on your scooter, you are not closing the door on Malcolm's fabulous after sales service. Malcolm is always just a phone call away if you have any questions or need his help.  



Every scooter is given the Malcolm seal of approval.  When it arrives he unpacks, prepares, Registers, repacks and sends it off to you free within Auckland or at competitive prices.  All you need to do is unwrap and ride it straight away - Fabulous!!


Delivery can be made anywhere within New Zealand or the Islands, Or contact Malcolm for your nearest dealer.



Many Scooter parts are available - for all brands of Scooters.  Phone and talk to Malcolm, he has many resources for parts - including TGB parts.                     09 620 6626      021 345 216

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